What It Does

I am pleased to let you know that I am one of the first plastic surgeons in Indiana to offer a procedure called ThermiBreast. ThemiBreast is a minimally invasive breast lift procedure that is an appropriate alternative to breast lift surgery for some patients.

Many women visit my practice because their breasts are relaxing and starting to sag. Several factors can contribute to droopy breasts including pregnancy and nursing, weight gain and loss, and menopause and aging. As the strength of the breast skin and support tissues diminishes, gravity takes hold and the breasts start to drop.

Breast lift surgery is a big commitment primarily due to the resulting scars. Many women hesitate to proceed for this reason, or opt to fill in the loose skin with implants alone. While implants can be beneficial in some instances, for many this approach results in breasts that are too large and even more prone to sagging. Because of these concerns, I am glad that we now have an alternative technique to offer. ThermiBreast helps to restore the strength of the breast tissues through heat. More elastic skin can result in an elevated nipple position and more firm, shapely breasts.

Procedure Basics and Recovery

This treatment is not for everyone – and breast lift surgery is not going away. But, ThermiBreast can be performed on women who have mild or moderately sagging breasts, are in general good health and don’t wish to undergo a traditional breast lift surgical procedure. 

The procedure is performed using “local” anesthesia and takes only about an hour. The Thermi platform utilizes radiofrequency energy to produce heat. In this particular application, the heat is introduced just beneath the breast skin with a narrow probe inserted at four small needle-size incisions in the areola. In most patients, appropriate heating of skin and soft tissues will stimulate collagen production over a period of several months. As collagen increases, the breast becomes tighter and more elevated.

Side effects include a relatively brief period of breast swelling and bruising, and mild discomfort.  Because there are no true incisions, normal activity is resumed early on.

Subtle results are immediately noticeable and continue to improve over the course of 6 to 12 months. The results are not permanent, as breast tissue aging and relaxation will continue to occur. As with many non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments, however, the procedure can be repeated as desired. Although skin excision will provide more dramatic and longer-lasting results, the benefit of ThermiBreast is the absence of visible scars, and the ability to return to normal activities right away.